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CRITIQUE Fleet Data – How Do You Actually Use Telematics Data as Part of Your Business Strategy?

August 11, 2023 | By ClearConnect Solutions

The Three C’s of Telematics Data: CAPTURE, CRUNCH and CRITIQUE!

In our series, The Three C’s of Telematics, we’ve already covered two of the three key benefits of a complete telematics system: CAPTURE and CRUNCH the data, and today, we’re finishing it off with the last piece: CRITIQUE the data. Now you might wonder, what do you mean “Critique the data” so let’s GET TO IT!


Kick-start your fleet management system with new ways to use telematics data to improve your operation. Today, we’re exploring strategies to optimize your telematics data. We’ll take the guesswork away and give you tips on making the best use of your fleet’s data.

With a telematics system like ClearTelematics, powered by Matrix iQ, we have the ability to not only CAPTURE and CRUNCH fleet data but also empower you to CRITIQUE the DATA. Make critical decisions about your business, your drivers, and your vehicles—all based on telematics data and reporting that is compatible with a wide range of telematics hardware.

Making time-sensitive decisions about route optimization, fuel-use optimization, risky driving behavior and driver risk scoring—just got a lot easier.


  • Route Optimization

Monitor a driver’s route with GPS capabilities & telematics analytics. Make adjustments to improve route efficiencies like: miles driven, fuel usage, idle time, and fastest route.

BENEFIT: Generate 20–30% more driving capacity.

  • Fuel-use Optimization

Tracking fuel consumption can be one of the easiest ways to reduce fuel waste and costs with the use of a telematics system.

BENEFIT: Reduce fuel use. The average idling heavy-duty truck burns ~0.4-0.8 gallons of fuel per hour.

  • Risky Driving Behavior

Having an inside perspective into a driver’s behavior gives fleet managers the opportunity to pivot and offer coaching on better driving habits and remove risky drivers from the field.

BENEFIT: Curbing risky driving can reduce fuel use by 15-30%.

  • Driver Risk Score

Insuring a fleet can be tricky to navigate. With the ClearTelematics, powered by Matrix iQ, you have access to Driver Risk Score Reports that will inform fleet managers and your insurers about each driver’s level of risk. This can result in more accurate insurance policies, better deductibles, and rebates for safe driving and optimal risk scores.

BENEFIT: Monitoring a driver’s risk score can lead to reduced insurance costs.


That wraps up the final “C” in the Three C’s of Telematics: Capture, Crunch and Critique!

We hope you’ve found this series insightful and feel more confident in using a telematics system in your fleet or vehicle. And remember, let the data do its job and you’ll see the benefits!

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