Does Classification Really Matter?

Does worker classification really matter? How can you avoid misclassification of independent contractors?

Based on the laws surrounding the classification of a truck driver, motor carriers have to approach the use of industry standards differently. In this town hall session, our esteemed panel of industry experts will focus on how to implement industry standards properly without crossing “employment” lines.

Topics include:

  • How worker classification affects the concept of industry standards
  • Will the political, administrative, and regulatory environments make the implementation of industry standards more risky?
  • How do we establish educational materials to help all sectors of the trucking and insurance industry properly implement standards?
  • Should we approach state and federal legislatures about industry standards and their affect on worker classification?

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Host: Scott Grandys
ClearConnect Solutions

Moderator: David Heller
Vice President of Government Affairs,
Truckload Carriers Association

Greg Feary

Greg Feary
President/Managing Partner,
Scopelitis Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary

Scott Leveridge
President, US,
TForce Logistics

Stephen Mueller
Managing Director,
Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions

Mark Tuchmann
TIP National

Scott Richards
Executive Vice President,
McGriff Seibels & Williams