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Guttman Energy and ClearConnect Solutions Announce Fleet Fuel Card Partnership – Serving the Transportation Industry’s Fueling Needs

January 27, 2023 | By ClearConnect Solutions
Guttman fleet fuel card in hand
The Guttman fleet fuel card program streamlines fuel management.

Guttman Energy, a reputable fleet fuel solutions company, and ClearConnect Solutions have partnered to leverage their strengths in data and technology by offering fueling programs along with telematics data and reporting that will produce substantial savings for fleet owners.

We’re always seeking new ways to streamline our businesses and save money, so today we’re looking at fuel management and savings, plus telematics data reporting and risk scoring, – at the vehicle and driver level – and how we can all learn a thing or two about choosing the right fueling program while managing our telematics for the best results.

What is a Fleet Fuel Card?

Before we dive into fuel savings and telematics’ benefits, let’s look at the fleet fuel card. What is a fleet fuel card? How does a fleet fuel card and fleet fueling program work? Why should you consider a fleet fueling program with fleet fuel cards for your business? 

One of the primary challenges for a fleet manager, owner-operator or driver is managing fuel costs. A fleet fuel card is similar to a credit card but has even more benefits and features geared towards commercial fleets. The greatest benefit of a fleet fuel card is taking advantage of discounted fuel pricing at participating fueling stations. A fueling program also helps fleet owners streamline managing and tracking fleet spending and driver behavior by providing data that monitors fuel consumption and fueling locations by driver. Finally, with a fleet fuel card program, fleet managers can set alerts to manage fraudulent card-use activity. 

Fueling Consumption and Behavior with Telematics

With advancements in telematics technology (like Guttman Energy’s fuel card dashboard and ClearConnect Solutions risk management platform) fleet managers can access real-time data on their vehicles and drivers that will inform business planning. Decisions on future fuel planning can take into account documented fuel expenditures by driver and location with Guttman’s fuel card program. Fleet owners can assess a driver’s risk score (based on driver behaviors like speeding), which can result in reduced insurance rates. 

Let’s review a typical scenario: By using a fleet fuel card program, you can see a driver’s fuel location, fuel consumption, costs at the pump and number of miles between each fueling destination. Event telematics tracks driver behavior, such as speeding, hard braking, acceleration and more, which contribute to increased fuel usage and decreased fuel efficiency. When you combine these powerful data sets, the reporting enables fleet managers to communicate with their fleet and coach them on better driving habits that will in return – save on fuel consumption. 

Vehicle Dashboard
Tracking fuel consumption behavior can save your fleet money.

“Changing driver behavior in your fleet vehicles can have a huge impact on the consumption of fuel. Studies have shown that a driver with an aggressive driving style will have, on average, use 10.9% more fuel vs your average driver, with some using as much as 20% more.” (

90 Years of Fueling Intelligence

Guttman Energy is no stranger to transportation and fuel. They’ve been in the fleet fuel solutions business for over 90 years and continue to grow and change with it, but still remain family-owned. Their customers cover a wide range from oil and gas, agriculture, construction, waste management, public transportation and food services, to name a few, and serve small to large fleet companies. 

“Our goal is to forge long-lasting relationships by honoring our five main principles: respect, lead, collaborate, serve and solve.” (Guttman Energy)

The company’s history of diversified experience enables them to serve the transportation industry and provide customized, innovative fueling programs – something Guttman likes to call – “fueling intelligence.” They pride themselves on superior customer service – with an actual human being on the other end of the phone – and make it their mission to help drivers stay on the road and get back on the road quickly, with little distraction from their job and their next destination.

Customer Service Representative
Customized fueling solutions with the Guttman personal touch.

The Guttman Fleet Fuel Card

The Guttman fleet fuel card offers customized fueling programs that enable drivers and fleet owners to purchase discounted fuel at over 65,000 authorized gas stations and convenience stores, nation-wide. Fleet managers can tailor the fuel program to best suit their company’s fueling requirements. Guttman Energy has a rich history in commercial fleet fueling solutions with a customer care reputation that’s rare in an automated era.

Guttman Fuel Card Program vs Other Programs

For many fleet owners, managing driver expenses and fuel costs can be time-consuming and is a struggle. The Guttman fleet fuel card can save you time and money so you can focus on operational success. For drivers, they now have access to discounted fuel rates and a 24/7 dedicated customer service representative who can quickly identify and solve issues, and get your drivers back on the road.

Fleet Fuel Cards Together

Fuel Rewards

  • Flexibility – NO hard credit limits
  • Account safety – real-time transaction data and fraud protection
  • No hidden fees – NO up-front fees, hidden payments, or lost card fees
  • No contracts – NO restrictions or penalties
  • Accepted at OVER 65,000 fueling centers nationwide

Fuel Card Benefits for Your Business

The Guttman fleet fuel card program provides a multitude of benefits to meet your fueling needs and enhance your fleet operations.

  • Regain budget control of your fleet (set driver purchasing controls and manage fleet spending guidelines)
  • Simplify and track driver expenses and reporting (including IFTA reporting)
  • View and customize transactions in real-time
  • Save money on fueling your fleet 
  • Access 24/7 customer service
Gasoline fuel pump and truck driver
Minimize fueling time and get discounted rates with a fleet fuel card.

By monitoring fueling habits and telematics data with Guttman Energy’s fleet fuel card programs and ClearConnect Solutions risk management technology, you can lower fuel expenses, optimize fuel on routes, increase safety, and reduce risk – all while lowering operating expenses and improving profit margin.

Contact a Guttman Energy representative to find out more about the Guttman Fleet Fuel Card Program and start saving! Make sure to mention the ClearConnect Solutions Marketplace and partnership in your conversation.

The Guttman fleet fuel card – fueling solutions made simple.



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