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3 Tips to Streamline Driver Onboarding

April 28, 2020 | By ClearConnect Solutions

3 Tips to Streamline Driver Onboarding

Now, more than ever, your ability to onboard employees remotely is critical to building and maintaining your workforce. In the transportation industry, where employees are often geographically dispersed, the need for remote onboarding is ever-present. Moreover, you need an onboarding process that is efficient for both your organization and the drivers themselves.

In this blog, we offer three ways to streamline the process of onboarding new drivers.

1. Automate the Background Screening Process

Employers are legally required to seek consent from candidates before performing a background check. Once underway, there are numerous additional checkpoints during the background screening process (e.g., sending adverse action notification, requesting motor vehicle reports (MVR) and criminal records of drivers, ordering drug tests). When done manually, each of these steps has the potential to delay the hiring process. For example, waiting for a driver to print, sign, and return a form may drag on for multiple days. Each holdup increases the potential that the candidate will lose interest in the position, which means you will have wasted valuable resources.

Trucking companies can vastly streamline the process of onboarding new drivers by automating background screening requirements. Technologies exist that enable them to provide disclosures, request reports, receive authorizations, and accept electronic consent signatures from anywhere.

You’ll drastically cut down the hiring turnaround time frame, not to mention ease your workload, and your candidates will be impressed.

2. Perform Electronic Verification of Documentation

Transportation compliance requirements add to the already intensive process of onboarding drivers. You need to capture employee documentation upfront and often, throughout the tenure of the driver’s employment as certifications expire or forms need renewal.

With the right technology, you can turn document capture and verification into a plug-and-play operation. Simply plug in your various compliance requirements and deadlines and let the technology send automated alerts to drivers when licenses are about to expire, when new drug tests are due, or when MVRs need to be submitted.

Cloud-based technologies can facilitate the collection of the documentation your drivers, and you as a company, need to submit to your insurance carrier and other regulatory bodies. The right system can securely capture data, documents, and signatures and transmit them to the right place, all seamlessly and automatically.

3. Enable Mobile & Remote Web Access

Your drivers are on the road, not at a desk. One of the best ways to streamline the onboarding process is to ensure it is entirely mobile- and web-ready. By allowing drivers to submit paperwork, sign documentation, and apply for jobs entirely online, you can onboard them more quickly and prevent good drivers from going elsewhere.

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Checklists, phone messages, faxed reports, and manual calendar management just won’t cut it in the slim-margin world of transportation. Trucking companies need modern technologies to help streamline, automate, and stay ahead of their compliance responsibilities.

We invite you to let ClearConnect Solutions simplify and ease your compliance obligations. Contact us for a free, no-obligation demo of our ClearTrac solution. And to learn more about the state of the industry, read our latest white paper, Insurance and Regulatory Compliance for Transportation Companies.