Scott Grandys Risky Business Podcast

Want to stay ahead of the risk?

Join Scott Grandys in the Risky Business podcast as he explores the greatest challenges facing the insurance and transportation industries – and the resulting innovations in risk mitigation.

Walk away with the latest trends and innovations in areas like Insurtech, driver safety and wellness, telematics, and scoring risk.  You’ll gain first-hand insights from industry leaders who are driving change and transforming the future of transportation! Stay tuned for details about our launch party and the first episodes we’re releasing. It’s Risky Business, and we’re exploring risk, at every level. Check back here as we release more episodes!

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Tech Meets Transportation with Dave Heller, Truckload Carriers Association

October 6, 2023 

Using Telematics Data to Prevent Risk with Phil Powell, Chief Revenue Officer at Matrix iQ

August 22, 2023 

Behind the Scenes with the Best Ride in Town - Mark Leclerc of Riding with Mark (Uber/Lyft)

August 19, 2023 

Behind the Scene in the World of Telematics with Jessica Perez

August 4, 2023 

A Fresh Perspective on Commercial Insurance with Cameron Keefe

July 21, 2023 

The Future of Insurance with Cory Crosland, CEO of PolicyFly

July 10, 2023 

Happy Pride Month from ClearConnect Solutions!

June 16, 2023 

Revolutionizing Fleet Safety and Productivity with Flint Holbrook at TruckSpy

May 20, 2023 

Disrupt InsurTech with Rosie Denée at Lloyd's Lab, Episode 8

May 6, 2023 

The Shared Responsibility of Innovation with James Wells - VP, Acrisure London Wholesale

April 22, 2023 

How Risky Business Got Its Name, Episode 6 w/Bekah Evans, Lowers Risk Group

April 8, 2023 

Episode 5 - James Fleming

James Fleming, Managing Director of Attento Underwriting Agency

March 25, 2023 

Episode 4 - Georg Kaufmann

Georg Kaufmann, Principal Software Architect at Lowers Risk Group

March 11, 2023

Episode 3 - Chris Moore

Chris Moore, Head of ibott and Deputy Active Underwriter of ibott’s special purpose arrangement (SPA) 1971 at Lloyd’s

February 25, 2023

Episode 2 - Mark Tuchmann

Mark Tuchmann, CEO of TIP National

February 11, 2023

Episode 1 - Dr. Mark Manera

Dr. Mark Manera, Founder/CEO of Supply Chain Fitness

January 28, 2023